Tuesday, December 9, 2008

gift guide part 3A: gifts of time together

  • A trip to the fire station
  • A dance performance, play, concert, or trip to a museum -- Or, if you really want to get extravagant, how about season tickets or a membership that you can enjoy together?
  • A trip to the swimming pool
  • A picnic (indoors or out)
  • An offer to teach the recipient something: how to ride a bike, how to play chess, how to do origami
  • Read aloud to the recipient (consider making a recording, so they have a tangible record of your time together)
  • Go to the movies, or have a movie night at home -- Dante once received a present of an empty popcorn tub with a packet of microwave popcorn, some Hot Tamales, and a Blockbuster gift card
  • Ofter to listen, really listen, to anything s/he wants to talk about
  • Skip all gifts and take a trip together
  • Graffiti the neighborhood together -- Just kidding! (Sorta! It's okay with me if you do really cool, artistic, politically astute and graphically compelling graffiti with stencils. The police and your neighbors may disagree, however)

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