Saturday, January 10, 2009

go here now!

I've got a couple of new posts in the works, and plans to get them up this weekend. In the meantime, click this link and follow the directions. Seriously. Do it now! Super important, and she says it better than I could. I knew this whole new toy law thing was freaky (or, as we say around here, pweaky*) but this aspect of it really has me pweaked out.

*Just like we still say Whole Poods, yip dyoss (that's lip gloss for you folks who didn't know Sebastian at two) and soooornbread (corn bread, with a drawn out long o from the time that Dante tried to correct my mispronunciation when really I was just imitating his mispronunciation: "It's not sornbread, mom, it's sooooooornbread!") even though it's been years since my kids couldn't pronounce those words

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hopalong said...

I think just about every aspect of the CPSIA has me pretty angry.

424 congressmen and 89 senators voted for it. Only 1 congressman and 3 senators opposed it. CONGRESS FAILS.