Monday, March 23, 2009

when i was little...

...there was no pay-at-the-pump gasoline! We had to walk into the gas station to pay. And it was uphill both ways! And we liked it! My kids see this as proof of how old I am.

It's true that I am pretty old, and I know for sure that there was no internet when I was little, but I am having a hard time remembering what life was like before it existed. I mean, yeah, I remember playing Oregon Trail on the fuzzy, black and white, top-of-the line Macintosh IIE or whatever it was that my 5th grade teacher had installed in the back of our classroom because he was so with-it and tech-savvy. And learning how to make a little turtle move across the screen by writing a program in BASIC. But, really, how did we function back then? {Shudders at the thought of science fair project research in the pre-google era...}

The really, really amazing thing about the internet is that there are huge parts of it devoted to just about everything. Like those scary doll ladies (was gonna link, but I just can't, sorry). You don't even realize what's out there until you go looking...I've just discovered that there are hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of blogs about weddings and wedding planning. This is even more of a time suck than environmental blogs and parenting blogs. Trying to get me off the computer last night, Will said, "Baby, you need a hobby." I glanced at him, then looked pointedly at the screen and said, "I have a hobby!"

Maybe he's right, though. This crack pipe internet thing is really addictive. I vow that tomorrow I will use the computer only to:
a) add a wedding site blogroll to my blog (you knew it was coming, didn't you?)
b) check email

I'm itching to add a c) and d), but I really should be finishing report cards and training for the 10K I'm going to run on Memorial Day, and doing some yoga and laundry and hanging out with my kids and sweetie. So that's it! Just a) and b). Plus, if I actually do some stuff to get ready for the wedding, instead of just reading about what other people have done and drooling over their pictures, I'll have another strategy update later in the week...

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