Saturday, April 4, 2009

what a weirdo

Sebastian loves Will's dog Kobi so much that I feel guilty for never letting my kids have a dog before. He seriously spends most of his time at home loving on Kobi. But it's really funny to listen to him talk to/about her...

Yesterday morning:
S: (hugging Kobi) Koooooobiiiii! Your stomach is getting so fat! Maybe you're about to have some baaaaabies!
Me: Kobi can't have babies, we're just trying to feed her more because she was getting so skinny.
S: Why can't she have babies?
Me: Because she had surgery that makes it so she won't, because there are already way too many dogs in the world who need homes.
S: Can I get that surgery, too?
Me: (in my head) ???????? WTF ??????
Me: (out loud) Maybe, if you want to when you're a grownup.

This morning:
S: (hugging Kobi) Leadership is what you are all about, Kobi. (runs off to play)
Me: (in my head) ???????? WTF ???????


sf said...

Yes, I am totally laughing until I cry but seriously I agree, WTF! He is kind of an odd little fella.

Masasa said...