Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Happy Earth Week!

For awhile now, we've been taking these lovely containers (as far as I can tell, they are #5 plastic) to restaurants with us, so that we've got something to bring our leftovers home in instead of a styrofoam container. Last week (or maybe it was the week before?) I took the concept a step farther, and we went to the local sub shop down the street. I asked if they could make our sandwiches in these, to eliminate the carry-out trash. They thought I was weird, but agreed. So here they are -- fast food with no trash! Yay! PS We took out the removable dividers to make room for the sandwiches, but the dividers are great when we go to the Rio (beans or rice on one side, chile relleno on the other, so the only thing I leave behind is the leftover margarita. Oh, wait, there never is any leftover margarita!)


cynnibuns said...

VERY awesome! so simple and yet brilliant! i am going to copy this great idea!

Robin said...

Awesome idea! We don't eat out that often, but I hate bringing anything back home in throwaway containers. I'm going to have to find something like these that works well!

Masasa said... This looks like an interesting option for hot foods.

Seppie said...

Yeah, I've been looking into stainless steel containers for lunches, especially for me since I usually get one of those amy's organics burritos or dinners to heat up, and that generates a lot of garbage. This is exactly the one I've been eyeing. Right now I'm thinking of doing laptop lunches for the boys next year, but I wish I could find some kind of stainless steel bento box alternative.