Wednesday, April 23, 2008

you're right, i never really do get tired of showing off

Photos of how I hang my photos. Note the couch that is exactly like the one featured in a Sunday NY Times article on super classy decorating -- well they didn't call it that. Mid-century modern in a small apartment is what they thought it was about. Really it was about super classy decorating. (Craigslist, $250, yay me!)


Masasa said...

Well, show off or not...I am glad you are posting. I was waiting.

AC said...

You are a picture freak like this day...though I have looked at my photos of my kids and family hanging on the wall a bazillion times...they still give me so much joy...and with gorgeous lads like you have...who does not want to cherish each stage of their life...
cheers to ya

Lisa Hoffman said...


Love the way the house is looking.

Your Mom just sent me your link...Cool BLog!

who's the cute guy? You 2 look Fab.

Love to you,

Seppie said...

angela -- did you notice that two of those photos are ones you took? when you visit you can see how good they look blown up!