Wednesday, May 6, 2009

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When we first got engaged (I say that like it happened so long ago!) every book that I read said that you really need a wedding notebook. Apparently the first thing you are supposed to do when planning a wedding is buy a planning thing. Presumably, it should be pretty and wedding-y, which means it's probably expensive. Thing is, I'm a teacher. I've got notebooks everywhere, it's just that most of them are castoffs from former students. Read: not pretty and not wedding-y. But free is good, and reusing is good, so I picked the best of the bunch, and here's what I ended up with. I also chose this one because I thought I would put something pretty and wedding-y in the sleeve, but that obviously didn't happen. I've been too busy fixating on other stuff to fixate on making the notebook pretty.

They also told me to divide the notebook into sections, so I did. I made it into all the sections they said, but I haven't actually used all of them. And the ones I have used have mostly just been a place to jot down random ideas and inspiration so I don't forget it. The sections I've actually written in are: What/When; Decorations; Music; Photos; Ceremony/Vows. Oh, and it's important that the notebook has pockets!

What/When is by far the most important section. It's got our lists of stuff to do, stuff to bring to all the of the wedding events, schedules, who is helping. I'm so jealous of people who put it all on an excel spreadsheet (and I really want to change everything over to be as cool as them) but for now it's all just lists. The list of stuff to do is divided into sections, covering smaller and smaller blocks of time. Gotta say, that has been really helpful in making something overwhelming seem not so overwhelming.

We're now just under a month out from the wedding (!!!) and here's the list of stuff that is supposed to get done before May 23, at which time we'll switch over to another list. Anything with a * has been started but not finished yet:

Finish inviting people (Will is done with this, I just have a couple of people that I haven't been in touch with recently, don't expect to come to the wedding, but I do want them to know that we're getting married)
Figure out who is helping with what, make separate list, and make sure they know*
Figure out who else can help at the reception
Get Will vest
Update wedding registry*
Collect pasta sauce jars*
Get candles for jars
Figure out ribbon for bouts
Figure out/get light strings for indoors
Get more light strings for outdoors
Figure out/get all tablecloths
Make napkins*
Plan flower making party (try out flowers, get paper, thank you notes)*
Chalkboards for photobooth, with signage
Make Martha Stewart poufs? (leaning against this, but leaving it on the list until I make a final decision)
Snag wedding bands* (moved to different list, since they aren't ready yet!)
Confirm where out of town peeps are staying*
Figure out/order wine
Get shoes/hair accessories
Tell each other how much we love each other every single day*
Do something to work on our relationship every single day*
Seppie get foundation garments* (moved this to another list)
Seppie get/make shrug (and one for the girl?) -- wasn't sure about this one, having doubts about matching Will's shirt, and about spending more $, but Heather offered to knit me one(!) We're not sure if it will be done before the wedding -- she did JUST HAVE A BABY! Third cutest baby ever! -- but I'm crossing it off the list
Seppie figure out dress for reception -- I might use the $ I would have spent on a shrug to get a new dress, but I might just wear one I've already got
Get big frame/more backdrops (?)/get together costumes for photobooth
Pay for scavenger hunt
Makeup consultation
Trial run for hair
Email Lynn our ceremony plans
How are we doing ceremony program it if not printed? Figure it out and do it
Get marriage license
Work on IPOD reception playlist; back up music and the rest of hard drive
Finalize plans for music and microphone during the ceremony
Make more honeymoon plans
Work out wedding day timing and details and draw up a schedule (who goes where when and why)
Call or email everyone with a part to play with critical info related to rehearsal and wedding (dates, times, directions, duties)
Get a head start on thank you notes if we can/work on special thank you for people who help*
Go on a scouting trip with Nicole/ create “must-take” photo list
Finalize vows
Come up with a vegan dessert plan
Figure out shoes for the girl
Talk to grandparents
Go to bed at 9:00 every single night*
Do yoga or run or ride my bike to work every single day*

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What is a "bout" (needs ribbons?)???